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Lifestyle counseling

Welcome to LYFE Balance!


LYFE Balance, Inc. was founded by Dr. Tamar Lawful, Doctor of Pharmacy. She founded LYFE Balance to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle, reclaim their health and embrace self-care; all while making it normal to Love Yourself First Every day. Integrating her love for relaxation, health, food and pharmacy, Dr. Lawful provides health coaching to clients who are ready to take control of their health.

LYFE Balance is a holistic nutrition health coaching practice that re-balances lives through diet and lifestyle changes. We take a unique approach to establishing health goals through the use of nutrigenomic and pharmacogenomic testing. Why guess when you can test? Everyone is different and health is not cookie-cutter. Our founding belief is that food is medicine and like medicine, food influences your overall health.


Your health coaches are pharmacists knowledgeable in nutrition and genomics. They will work with you to achieve and maintain your health. Whether it be weight loss, sleep, mood or life-balance, the power to transform is in your hands.


What's holding you back? A healthy life is within reach! Are you ready to learn how?

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Our Mission

LYFE Balance is committed to empowering you to love yourself first every day and take control of your health.

Our Vision

You can embrace and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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1865 Herndon Ave, Ste K#630

 Clovis, Ca 93611  

Tel. 1323-880-2026

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