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Doctor of Pharmacy & Nutritionist

Meet Dr. Lawful-Brown

Doctor of Pharmacy

Advanced Practice Pharmacist 

Medication Expert

Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist

I work one-on-one with a small number of clients to optimize your weight loss while providing personalized education about your medications to safely achieve your goals and adopt a sustainable and healthy lifestyle!

As the LYFE Balance Pharmacist, my goal is to help you Love Yourself First Every day by reaching your health goals through relaxation, nutrition and medication management.

What I Specialize In

Ketogenic & 

Low-Carb Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Medication Therapy 


Diabetes Management

Nutrigenomic &   Pharmacogenomic Testing

Diets can be complicated and confusing, just like medications.

Working with a  trained nutritionist and experienced pharmacist  will help you efficiently and safely optimize your health goals.  


I've seen patients with chronic health issues on multiple medications start a diet or fitness plan without consulting their doctor first. It' s not until they experience unwanted changes in their body or side effects from medications that they seek the advice of a medical professional.


With an understanding of nutrition and medication, I help you optimize your weight loss while helping you understand your medication therapy (if any) and recommend quality vitamins to take to enhance your health and  achieve safe results as you

adopt a healthy lifestyle and love yourself first every day!


All consultations are completed through web-conferencing

or phone call unless pre-arranged with me.

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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"Professional and helpful with explaining medication side effects, difference between generic and brand medication. Ability to answer questions in layman’s terms."

- Lisa 

“When I collaborated with Dr. Lawful-Brown, she was timely and very thorough. I've always enjoyed working her and would highly recommend her to manage a patient's medication therapy.”

-Dr. Thao
Critical Care Pharmacist

“Dr. Lawful-Brown is a hard working Clinical Pharmacist who is able to work with individuals and in a group setting for patient care. She started the Transitions of Care pharmacy service at our hospital. Her professionalism, project management skills, and ability to work with different people make her an asset to any organization!”

- Dr. Robbins
Pharmacy Informaticist

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Interested in working with me?

As an Advanced Practice Pharmacist, Dr. Lawful-Brown is trained to:

  • Perform patient assessments;

  • Order and interpret all drug therapy-related tests;

  • Refer patients to other healthcare providers; and

  • Participate in the evaluation and management of diseases and health conditions in collaboration with other healthcare providers.

  • Initiate, adjust/modify, and discontinue drug therapy pursuant to an order by a patient’s treating prescriber

As a nutritionist and pharmacist her goal is to deprescribe medications and promote nutrition as medicine


Working in collaboration with a medical doctor, she aims to improve quality metrics, increase profitability and improve patient outcomes by using a comprehensive approach incorporating, nutrition, medication therapy management and and lifestyle modifications.

If you are a healthcare provider in California, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, send inquiries to lyfebalance@drlawfulbrown.com