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Doctor of Pharmacy

Health Coaching with a Pharmacist's Touch

Dr. Lawful is a Doctor of Pharmacy and Advanced Practice Pharmacist, 

specializing in Pharmacogenomics, Nutrigenomics and Ketogenic Nutrition. She has over  with over 18 years of experience in healthcare' working with physicians, nurses, dietitians, and physical therapists to design programs that improve the health of patients.


Dr. Lawful has mentored new pharmacists and students, teaching them about medicine and guiding them through managing stress. She has counseled numerous patients on lifestyle modifications, exercise and nutrition in order to reduce hospital readmissions. Dr. Lawful has served as a patient advocate for affordable medication therapy. She is an expert on managing medication therapy to achieve optimal outcomes for her patients.

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In 1998, Dr. Lawful began her journey to becoming a Pharmacist as a direct admit from high school to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at the University of the Sciences - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. She graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in 2004 and is a licensed Pharmacist in California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

She combines her skills as an Advanced Practice Pharmacist, Nutrition & Genomics Specialist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to develop online self-paced and coaching programs that help her clients achieve their health goals through nutrition, self care and medication management.






At the age of four years old, my family and I immigrated from Jamaica, W.I to the United States. Raised in a Caribbean household, sunshine and freshly cooked meals were the norm, and rarely did we get sick or use medicine unless it was from food. At 12 years old, I had my first experience with severe illness when visited my grandmother on her deathbed. On that day I vowed to myself that I would help people like my grandmother get better and enjoy a vibrant life. Although I had little exposure to medications in my childhood, it was my understanding that they could help people get better.  I learned that I could fulfill my vow by being a pharmacist and at the age of fifteen, I made the decision to pursue a career as a pharmacist.


After 15 years of being a pharmacist, I was perplexed with the current state of healthcare. I saw patients frequently returning to the hospital only to have more medications added on. They were not getting better nor were they enjoying life! I had to question whether what I was doing as a pharmacist was actually helping or hurting my patients. What if there was another way I could help while still using my skills as a pharmacist? What if I could not only help them get better, but also show them how to prevent developing chronic illness?

There was indeed another way that I could help…nutrition and genetics. I studied pharmacogenomics, nutritional genomics, and integrative nutrition, then merged them with my skillsets as a pharmacist to help women with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity take control of their health by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes.

I ALSO DEVELOPED A SIGNATURE PROTOCOL THAT I USE TO GUIDE THOSE I SERVE TO RECLAIM AND MAINTAIN THEIR RENEWED HEALTH. Those I have guided through my protocol have been able to finally start living a vibrant life and get off medications!


  • Doctorate of Pharmacy: University of the Sciences - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy


  • Certified Pharmacogenomics Specialist: American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists


  • Certified Nutritional Genomics Specialist: The American Nutrition Association

  • Certifed Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist Professional: The American Nutrition Association


  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach: The Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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