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The Platinum Program shows you a long term and lifelong method for consistent weight loss and health improvements. 


The program includes:

  • One (1) Nutrigenomic Test

  • 90-day health coaching program

  • Weekly group coaching calls (12)

  • Lifetime access to learning modules

  • Access to downloadable handouts

  • Access to Practice Better portal

  • Private 60-minute session to discuss health goals

  • Private 60-minute session to review nutrigenomic test results

  • Review medical history and medication history

  • BONUS! Meal planner specific to your DNA

  • BONUS! Personalized nutrition & lifestyle plan

  • BONUS! Supplement recommendations

  • Access to Community Discussion Board

  • Live interactive discussion board to ask questions and get feedback


With your Nutrigenomic Test (Genetic Blueprint), you will get nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations specific to you and only you.


Platinum Program

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