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Genetic Blueprint Wellness is a comprehensive nutrigenomics testing program designed to help you unlock your genetic potential for optimal health and well-being. This personalized package includes:


  • Initial Consultation (60-min)meet with a highly qualified pharmacist to discuss your health goals and concerns.
  • Health and Medication History Review: A thorough review of your medical and medication history by our experienced pharmacist, ensuring a tailored approach to your wellness journey.
  • Nutrigenomics Test Results ReviewExpert analysis of your nutrigenomic test results by our pharmacist, providing valuable insights into your unique genetic makeup and its impact on your nutrition and health.
  • Explanation of Test results: An informative pre-recorded video that walks you through your Nutrigenomics test results, explaining the findings in an easy-to-understand manner. (live video if joined as part of workshop special)



Take control of your health with the Genetic Blueprint Wellness Package and embark on a personalized journey towards optimal well-being.

Genetic Blueprint Wellness

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