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Need to improve quality metrics, increase profitability or improve patient outcomes?

When we speak to people not familiar with what pharmacists can do, they usually say:

"You just count pills, right?"

Far From it!

The Consultant Pharmacist has stepped out of the  box to help physicians provide better, more profitable care.

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Collaborative Physician

Pharmacy Relationships




Diabetes &

Heart Health

Medication Therapy Management

Weight Management


Nutrigenomics  & Pharmacogenomics

Meet Your Pharmacist


Tamar Lawful, PharmD, APh

Dr. Lawful is a Doctor of Pharmacy, Advanced Practice Pharmacist, Pharmacogenomic Specialist and Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist  Professional with over 15 years of experience in healthcare.


She has worked with physicians, nurses, dietitians, and physical therapists to design programs that improve the health of patients.

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She Was Asked & She Answered

What is your goal? 

"As a nutrition specialist and pharmacist my goal is to

deprescribe medications and promote nutrition as medicine  in order to improve my patient's quality of life and overall health."

What are the benefits of a

Physician-Pharmacist Collaboration?

"Working in collaboration with a medical doctor, I aim to improve quality metrics, increase profitability and improve patient outcomes

by using an integrative approach incorporating 

nutrition, genetics, medication therapy management and lifestyle modifications."


Perform Patient Assessments

Order & Interpret Drug Therapy Related Tests

Refer Patients to Other Healthcare Providers

Participate in the Evaluation & Management of Diseases & Health Conditions

Initiate, Adjust, Modify & Discontinue Drug Therapy Pursuant to and Order by A Patient's Treating Prescriber


"Professional and helpful with explaining medication side effects, difference between generic and brand medication. Ability to answer questions in layman’s terms."

- Lisa 

“When I collaborated with Dr. Lawful, she was timely and very thorough. I've always enjoyed working her and would highly recommend her to manage a patient's medication therapy.”

-Dr. Thao
Critical Care Pharmacist

“Dr. Lawful is a hard working Clinical Pharmacist who is able to work with individuals and in a group setting for patient care. She started the Transitions of Care pharmacy service at our hospital.


Her professionalism, project management skills, and ability to work with different people make her an asset to any organization!”

- Dr. Robbins