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 Blueprint Wellness 

Your Genetics Are A Compass. We Give You The Map.

If you haven't heard of Nutrigenomics, you're going to want to!

Most people are aware of the many different diets that exist, like vegetarian, vegan or paleo.


Nutrigenomics is the highest level of personalized nutrition that looks at the links between nutrition (the foods and nutrients needed to be healthy) and genomics (how the DNA encoded in your genes acts in your body).


It uses genetic testing to uncover where you may lack certain nutrients in your diet and makes specific recommendations on how to fix this.

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You are a unique person with unique needs to optimize your health and wellness.  A diet that someone else swears by may not work for you (or vice versa). But yet, you see so many “blanket” recommendations on what to eat,

but how much that really applies directly to you?

Unlike others, you may be able to enjoy coffee in the evening without any major sleep issues, but have a terrible reaction to gluten (a protein in wheat).


Or perhaps, you may need more folate (vitamin B9) than others, but [luckily] sodium doesn’t affect your blood pressure as much.

Guess what? Your genes explain why you are unique.

And now with recent scientific and technological advances, there is a smarter way to know what nutrition and lifestyle strategies you need to thrive, rather than the old method of following recommendations for the “average person” and seeing how it goes for you as an individual.

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"Your genetics are a compass.
We give you the map."

Dr. Lawful


 Blueprint Wellness 

Let your genes show you the way and we'll guide you along your path to health.


You're ready to be in control of your health.

You want a solution without medications and their side effects

Tired of wasting money guessing what to do.



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Your Genes will give you the solution to improve your health issues

This program includes...

  • Professional and personalized health guidance based on your unique genetic blueprint.

  • Genetic Blueprint DNA Test: At-home test kit with an easy cheek swab

  • Provider grade testing from CLIA-certified lab

  • Your Unique 90-Day Roadmap to Radiant Health

  • Your Customized No-Brainer Nutrition Guide

  • Your Customized Move-Your-Body Blueprint with easy exercises specific to your genetics

  • Your Customized Supplements Guide based on your personal genetics

  • Discounts on supplements

  • BONUS!  Modules with information about how your genetics can be used to improve your health

  • BONUS! Recommendations for next steps: including blood work to discuss with your doctor

Valued at over $1,250


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Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, we are only able to ship test kits within the USA via FedEx

Genetic Wellness Program Details


As the Founder & CEO of LYFE Balance, Inc. Dr. Tamar Lawful is dedicated to helping professional women FINALLY start taking care of themselves using their very own Genetic Blueprint.

She is a Doctor of Pharmacy and Advanced Practice Pharmacist, certified in Pharmacogenomics, Nutritional Genomics,, Ketogenic Nutrition and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching with over 18 years of experience in healthcare. She has worked with physicians, nurses, dietitians, and physical therapists to design programs that improve the health of patients.


Dr. Lawful has spent her career mentoring new pharmacists and students, teaching them about medicine and guiding them through managing stress.


She has counseled numerous patients on lifestyle modifications, exercise and nutrition while serving as a patient advocate for affordable medication therapy. She is an expert on managing medication therapy to achieve optimal outcomes for her patients.

In 1998, Dr. Lawful began her journey to becoming a Pharmacist as a direct admit from high school to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at the University of the Sciences - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. She graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in 2004 and is a licensed Pharmacist in California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Combining her skills as an Advanced Practice Pharmacist and Nutrition Specialist, in her signature InHer Glow HealthCARE program, she has provided women with the guidance, tools and support they need to learn a sustainable life-long method for health improvement that will help them prevent chronic disease and stay off medications.

Dr. Lawful takes a holistic and integrative approach to deprescribe unnecessary medications; promote food as medicine; guide healthy lifestyle changes and highlight the importance of self-love.

She lives in California with her family and fur baby.

Follow her on Instagram @drtamarlawful and make sure to subscribe to stay in the loop!

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