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My Story: Won't Be Another Statistic...No Ma'am

"Health is a vehicle, not a destination."
~Joshua Rosenthal~

Improving Your Health Starts with Loving Yourself First!

Where did my health journey start?


Well, it was a cold and stormy night....




Seriously? My journey began the day I realized that I was not loving myself.


I was busy professional woman working in healthcare, voluntering, wife-ing and mother-ing. I was also busy doing for others, putting up with unacceptable behavior and putting myself last to the point where I spread myself thin...physically and emotionally.


The thing is that by putting myself last... 1) I was never first and 2) my needs were never attended to and 3) my voice was lost.

Gradually the weight came on... and on... and on.


Gradually I became more tired and unmotivated.  I went from diet to diet, gym to gym, personal trainer to personal trainer only to get TEMPORARY results.


I wasn't really putting in the work needed to get healthy. But for a good reason. My mind wasn't ready...I had some soul detoxing to do and some self-love to develop.


This is what I’ve learned. 


If you don’t prioritize yourself, take an active role in your health and find your voice to say "NO" to what's not serving you, you're not going to maintain results and your overall health will stay in the gutter.


In my gutter, there was sleep deprivation, hormone imbalance and weight gain.  


Can you relate? 


I learned that in order to survive the night shift, the following were vital: 

Maintaining a good sleep routine

Being consistent with healthy eating habits

Managing stress

Time mangement

Being active

These weren't easy to maintain as a mom, wife and serving on the Board of 3 non-profit organizations; all while working as a full-time night pharmacist. 


I had to learn to focus on me first and place everything and everyone else on the backburner.


I had to learn to LOVE MYSELF first!

This might go against how most people view the night shift, but as an entrepreneur, mother and soon-to-be divorcee who still works the night shift, I know for a fact that...

It is possible to stay healthy, manage stress and get plenty of sleep while working as a woman in healthcare.


The truth is that you don’t have to be a statistic.


Statistics say, working night or swing shifts make us more likely to have diabetes and heart disease. 


Truth bomb! Statistics don’t dictate your destiny. You do!


As a night pharmacist, eventually, my health was affected.  I was…

Sleep deprived


And gaining weight

Like most of my patients, I was staring down the path of starting medications.


Was I going to end up in my own hospital? Was I going to be another statistic?   


The simple question I asked myself was:  "What do I have to change to not become a statistic?” 

This is what I chose to do:

Learn more about nutrition

This led me to study nutrigenomics: the study of how food affects our genes. 

Nutrigenomics led me to pharmacogenomics which allowed me to understand why some medications wouldn't be safe or effective for me or my patients.

Commit to getting restorative sleep.

For me and how my mind is wired, seeking knowledge to understand the why's and how's of nutrition and genomics was the catalyst I needed to get my act together and start prioritizing myself.


I applied that newfound knowledge and made some critical changes in my eating habits and lifestyle.


As a healthcare professional, my default mode was to take care of everyone else.


It was due time to start taking care of myself because there wasn’t any way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks I was going to be another statistic!


For me, knowledge gave me the power to take action and walk away from being another statistic.


It gave me the power to find my voice and say “No” to anything that would prevent me from catering to myself.


​​Seriously…I cut a LOT of things out of my life and some people too. As a result...


I had peace of mind

I got more sleep

Limited stress

Began losing weight (Finally!)

Could keep up with my 2 year old without  a mid-day AND 4pm caffeine boost

My experience, my struggle, my transformation led me to create the InHer Glow HealthCARE Program where I developed a tried and proven process that helps women who are busy taking care of everyone else, finally start taking care of themselves.

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