My Story

"Health is a vehicle, not a destination."
~Joshua Rosenthal~

We Carry Weight Differently!

I remember being 14 years old and thinking that I was fat. It turns out that I wasn't fat. I was just taller and, thanks to my Jamaican heritage, had a naturally muscular physique compared to the other girls in my class. I know that now in retrospect, but I didn't know it then. So for most of my life, I've had body image issues. 


Fast forward from 14 to 37 years old. I was ready to start a family, but now, I was actually overweight. I was also tired and couldn't imagine having a little one around. Where would I get the energy from?

I was ready to make a change!

40 Pounds in 12 Weeks!

I'm Pregnant!

I decided to get healthy and joined a boot camp. With a newfound dedication, I stuck to a strict nutrition plan of high protein, low carbs, no fats and no sugars. In 3 months, I lost 40 pounds and reached my goal weight of 180 pounds!

It was a lot of hard physical work. In addition to the strict nutrition plan, I did high intensity interval training 5-6 days a week. I got results fast and became addicted to exercise. I felt that this was the lifestyle I could maintain. I made it my goal to compete in a Fitness Physique Competition and with the help of my trainers, I began training to get my body where it needed to be.


Well, that family planning paid off, because I was pregnant! Six months after I lost the 40 pounds and maintained my weight, I was blessed with my first pregnancy! I immediately stopped training for the Fitness Physique competition and just as quickly changed my eating habits.

I kept telling myself: "It's okay! I'll just get back to my weight loss nutrition plan after I have the baby."

Until then, I only knew how to eat to get the weight loss goals I had achieved. I did not know how to incorporate and maintain balanced nutrition during pregnancy, so I resorted to my baseline bad eating habits of high carbs.  Due to food intolerance during my pregnancy (including salads) in addition to multiple food allergies I had prior to being pregnant, my pregnancy nutrition consisted mainly of pizza, wings and Chinese food. I had gained 15 pounds in my first tri-mester.

The Struggle

I had a healthy pregnancy and delivered a gorgeous and vibrantly healthy baby girl. I returned to boot camp after a couple months and tried to get back on my diet plan. But, I just couldn't stay on track with the workouts or the diet this time around!


I kept gaining weight and eventually reached 60 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, I was so frustrated and disappointed in myself! I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I remember looking in the mirror and feeling so disgusted with myself and asking that woman in the mirror:

 "Girl! What's wrong with you? Where is your drive?"

Eating Bad Foods

There were so many contributing factors as to why I was struggling with weight loss. It wasn't my drive. I began doing self-reflection and saw a coach for a healing journey. I  soon realized that, in a short period of time, I had experienced significant life changes. I had bottled up my feelings and put them on the back burner; which led me on a path of self-neglect.  From my healing journey, so much was revealed, faced and overcome. That's when my health journey really began! 

I realized that although I was eating healthy, I was also eating bad food.

No, I'm not taking about pizza and wings! These bad foods were lack of sleep, working night shifts, a fluctuating work schedule, serving on the board of 3 non-profits, no self care, emotional trauma and bad marriage. They were always with me! It wasn't until I was able to acknowledge and efficiently manage these bad foods that my healthy efforts for weight loss began to pay off. 

 I call these bad foods "NONSENSE", because they were unacceptable and detrimental to my overall well-being.

Embracing My Entire Being

In addition to dropping the nonsense, I had discovered a secret sauce that was life changing...nutrigenomics! With nutrigenomic testing, my genetic profile was used to guide my nutrition, exercise and self-care routine. This was specific to me and only me, so it was extremely effective and I saw improvements in my energy, weight loss, better appetite control and reduced stress.  


I had help to get to where I am today. Now, as a Pharmacist and Nutrition Health Coach, I'm here to help you do the same. I see you for more than just your weight...I see all of YOU! You have the power to let go of your nonsense and make sense of your health!


Let us help you today!

It wasn't until I let all that nonsense go that my health journey started to make sense.

I learned that nutrition is more than the food on my plate and that I had to nourish my entire being. I began to embrace my newfound knowledge and fed myself a well balanced nutrition. 


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