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Join A Community of Amazing Women and Change What You Know About Your Health for Life

Join Dr. Lawful and unlock the secrets to long-term health improvement. Plenty of resources are waiting for you inside the InHer Glow TM HealthCARE program.

I learned how to eat healthy and balance my hormones. I saved money by avoiding hormone replacement therapy.


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Inside HealthCARE, we guide you through the proven method you need to successfully reach your health goals so you can...

AVOID crash diets and yo-yo weight gain

FEEL CONFIDENT in your ability to make lasting change 

IMPROVE your quality of life and can stop worrying about your health

SAY YES to prioritizing yourself every day

Warm Up on the Beach

Your 90-Day Roadmap to Radiant Health

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HealthCARE is helping professional women just like you to...

Improve common health conditions 

Reset their circadian rhythm

Lose weight effectively and keep it off

Fall in love with exercise

Reduce the need for medications

Find more time for you, without guilt

Stop stressing so darn much

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"My hemoglobin A1C dropped! My doctor was happy and so was I because I didn't need to start taking medications!"

Pharmacy Technician

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What You Get

Annual membership

The 90-Day Roadmap to Radiant Health 

Access to all modules

Access to all resources

Progress at your own pace

BONUS! Access to the InHer Glow Client Community

To stop stressing so darn much!


HealthCARE Membership


$499.97 / year

HealthCARE Membership


$48 / month

Membership Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Paced Program

The program is designed to last 90 days. You will have access to the content with maintenance of your membership.